Tell, don’t ask!

The definition of “S” (Single Responsibility Principle) in the SOLID principle, states that “A class should have only one reason to change”. Small changes to requirement shouldn’t lead to many changes in other parts of code.

Vad är lexikalanalys och hur implementerar man en parser?

Att på 15 minuter kort gå igenom vad formell grammatik och lexikalanalys innebär och snabbt gå igenom hur man på egen hand kan skriva en parser. Samt under tiden implementera en parser för enkla uttryck.

.NET then, now and in the future

The .NET Framework has been around since 2002, and has gone through many phases since its inception. We have seen many technologies come out of .NET. Technologies like WinForms, WPF, WCF, WF, Card Spaces, ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight and many more.

Angular testing… but faster

For better or worse Angular comes with a very opinionated set of tools. Fortunately just like an opinionated partner you can kick them to the curb them and move on! We’ll start by discussing how good tests look for an Angular front end.

Moving in Javascript land without breaking things

Let’s assume: You’re asked to do a small change in one of
your new team’s microservices. The problem: Your teammates are all off

Add Security into your Agile process

Security is often treated the same way we don’t like to do development, aswaterfall. In the beginning or just at the end as a last gateway/check.

Behaviour-Driven Development – it’s not the tools

Behaviour-Driven Development, BDD, is a way to drive the developmentby using concrete examples to understand the desired behaviour of the system.

Dataanalys på börsen

Hur kan vi använda data från börsen för att bli bättre investerare?

High Performing Teams – Or how to have fun at work and kick ass too

Most of us are spending 40+ hours a week at our jobs, a significant portion of our day/week/month/life. Are we enjoying ourselves those 40 hours?

Alla pratar om devops

Alla pratar om devops! Men vad är det egentligen? Jenkins, är det DevOps? Terraform då?

The workers control the means of production – now what?

Aren’t we, the developers of the world, the workers in charge of our production? Did we just win the war against the factory owners, without really trying all that hard? Is this the eternal state of things?

Spelprogrammering svårare och enklare än man tror

Med app-stores där spel spottas ut i mängder kan man ofta tro att det är enkelt att skapa ett spel, och sannerligen är det så. Många kanske tänker “det där klarar jag på en månad att göra”…

Jenkins Configuration as Code – Automate your Automation Server

Jenkins Configuration as Code is an open source Jenkins plugin that will allow users to keep complete Jenkins configuration in simple configuration file (yaml format). In the talk I’ll briefly present the history behind the plugin, the vision for the future and current status.

Typescript – a love story

Javascript is a lot like that cool friend that always has the craziest ideas how to spend an evening out partying. The sky’s the limit, and the plans for the night change half a dozen times and become more and more outrageous. You have a great time, but after a few long, sleepless weekends you’re starting to feel tired and confused.