Typescript – a love story

Javascript is a lot like that cool friend that always has the craziest ideas how to spend an evening out partying. The sky’s the limit, and the plans for the night change half a dozen times and become more and more outrageous. You have a great time, but after a few long, sleepless weekends you’re starting to feel tired and confused.

Typescript is your less cool, well-organized friend that makes sure that you’re home by midnight, and he might even tuck you in to make sure you go to sleep properly. If you nag him enough, he can go Javascript bananas as well, but you realize that you rarely need to ask for it, and all of a sudden you feel safe and warm and less afraid of refactoring…

So let’s go meet Typescript today, and see how it is setup, have a look at the syntax and give a few examples on how it can make your server- and client-side Javascript code more manageable and maintanable, and perhaps even make you sleep better.

This talk will be given in English.