A hands-on approach to gameing tech

During recent years gaming has become more and more popular and it is evident by the technology that gaming is here to stay. The technology is one of the disruptive technologies that has made its way into industries not usually related to gaming. Finally, thanks to gamification and AR/VR and MR (collectively known as XR), people are starting to see that gaming is not a waste of time but a serious multidisciplinary business. But what is gaming technology, and how would you go about creating an XR experience? What do you need to know in order to start creating your own compelling experience? Come find out in this hands-on talk.

Jousef Gabro is an individual who is a gamer by heart and owes a lot to gaming. Gaming made him interested in programming and also made him interested in art and design, which ultimately resulted in a masters degree in media technology. He has been a programmer, team lead, consultant manager and a business developer (to name a few) and in every role he had he applied game design to bring out the motivation in his colleagues and friends. There are side projects in the 100s but as of two years ago he started to focus solely on games development and has since released experiences for the gear vr, mobile and pc.

Bild på Jousef Gabro